The Best TV Shows of the 80s

If you were raised in the 80s, you know that this decade brought us so many awesome TV shows. This was the period when throwing a frozen dinner in the oven for 45 minutes, and sitting down for quality entertainment and laughs was easy. If you were a part of the decade, these shows are probably well-known to you. But if you weren’t, you can still check them out and learn what you’ve been missing.

Knight Rider

Airing from 1982 – 1986, Knight Rider was a show about artificial intelligence, and a talking Trans Am. Starring David Hasselhoff, the show is still talked about today, some 30 years later. There’s even a movie remake!

Three’s Company

Although Three’s Company officially started in 1977, it ran until 1984, making it one of the best TV series of the 80s in our book. Three’s Company was a show about two women who needed a roommate, and so they found Jack Ripper, a man who was outspoken and none too shy. This is a comedy that has made many people laugh in its time.

Kate & Alley

Kate & Alley aired from 1984 -1989, starring Jane Curtain and Susan Saint James. The show portrayed Kate and Alley, two childhood friends, who are recently divorced and raising kids on their own.


Airing from 1986 – 1990, Alf was a TV series that starred Paul Fusco, Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson, and Max Wright. The show was about an alien named Gordon (Alf) who landed in the back yard of a family named the Tanners. And, the rest is history.

The 80s was a great era for TV shows. The titles above are just the start of many 80s shows that we still know and love today. What 80s TV show do you fancy more than the rest? Are any of these included in your list of faves?